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VW T5.1 CARAVELLE เข้ารับการเปลี่ยนผ้าเบรกจานเบรกแท้ BREMBO CO-CAST BRAKE DISCS

Used on the latest premium Mercedes vehicles – for which Brembo is already the Original Equipment Manufacturer - the co-cast brake disc consists of a steel hub which is co cast with the high carbon cast iron braking surface.

This technology not only ensures superior performance for the braking system, but it also allows the weight of the disc itself to be reduced by up to 15%, resulting in reduced consumption and emission levels and improved road handling.

The Brembo Co-cast brake disc is not only fully interchangeable with an Original Equipment brake disc, but it has also passed the strictest bench tests and is approved to ECE-R90 standards.

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